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Louis CK Twitter Q&A

I put this together a couple of months ago to get a feel for Storify. It is a great way to tie some random things together, but organizing a spontaneous Q&A like this on Twitter together into a stream is a real pain in the ass:

View the story “Impromptu Louis CK (@louisck) Q&A” on Storify

Since I did this, Storify integration was announced for Tweetbot, and I was quickly able to toss this one together on my phone:

View the story “Conversation with @HalifaxMagazine” on Storify

Also of note, the javascript-based embed code doesn’t appear to work on my WordPress install (even with the official Storify plugin install), so I went with regular links.

Best Infomercial

NASCAR as we have come to know it must die. If ever there was a case for assisted suicide, it is present-day big league stock car racing. I suspect we’ve find ourselves at the bedside of this morbidly obese, gluttonous, gaudy reflection of society after following a predictable path. An arc. A gently rising arc that everything must follow. A humble birth, rising from next to nothing to the highest of highs. A child destined for greatness. Strong legs to carry it far and wide, broad shoulders to bear an ever-increasing burden. But never more than a bastard child, bred of the seed of evil – money. From the high we must decline. All things must pass. And in these end days the pace quickens. This king has been overfed.

NSCAR Must Die | Why Don’t They Have Doors?

Zach Times Two (or three if you count the last post)

Comedian Zach Galifianakis has snagged lead roles in Todd Phillips’ comedy “The Hangover” for Warner Bros. and the HBO pilot “Bored to Death.”

In “Hangover,” Galifianakis, Bradley Cooper and Ed Helms play best buddies at a wild Las Vegas bachelor party who lose the groom just hours before his wedding. Legendary Pictures is producing with Warners, and filming is set to begin this weekend.

In “Death,” Galifianakis plays Ray, a struggling comic book artist and best friend to Jonathan (Jason Schwartzman), an alcoholic writer who pretends to be a private detective. Ted Danson also stars in the project from writer Jonathan Ames and director Alan Taylor.

From The Hollywood Reporter.

In Defense of Oprah

Ok, well not exactly. I have accidently caught a few episodes here and there, but I don’t think I will ever really be able to forgive her for The Secret. I just want to apply some credit-where-credit-is-due because quite a few blogs have jumped on The Flip’s success and I just think it becomes less surprising when you realize that Oprah championed it last fall.

Camcorder Brings Zen to the Shoot | New York Times

The Flip takes 13% of the camcorder market by doing less | 37 Signals

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Ultra-Basic Flip Video Camera Steals 13 Percent of Camcorder Market With Its Amazing Low-Light Performance? | Gizmodo

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Pogue on the Flip | Daring Fireball

Your suggestions for video hosts | Kung Fu Grippe

I tried to comment this fact on a couple blogs but none of my posts got approved. I should reiterate that I am not always a fan of the Oprah Effect. It has an ugly side as well. Take Josh Groban, for example. No really…take him.

As for my take on The Flip, I would love to test drive one but the video functions on my Canon Elph 750 and extremely simple and do the trick for me.