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More Windom Earle news…

Calgary got a taste of east coast punk and newwave music last night as Halifax based Sharp Like Knives and Windom Earle hammered out songs like demons at Broken City. Windom Earle opened to the few in attendance – maybe because Calgary was having a hangover from the first weekend of stampede, but they sure did a good job at making those present enjoy the music. The three man band of Stephan Macleod on guitar, Greg Boone on bass and Matt Packman on the Moog synthesizer , Boone and Packman being also members of SLK, played their techno-newwave beats with determination. The Moog synthesizer was interestingly maneuvered, not to mention the way it rocked back and forth on stage. Their gig ended with Macleod exploding with a solo rendition of Footloose. I’m sure all enjoyed it. Sharp Like Knives (Paul Hammond, Mark Gillis, Adam Seward, Matt Packman and Greg Boone) delivered a high energy punk performance, not only musically, but also on stage. The sweat off their foreheads was testimony of that. As more people were trickling into the venue, the dance floor was slowly filling up, and SLK were sure able to make them dance, and even mosh a little bit. Theses days, there are many ways to characterize a music genre. SLK could be playing dance-punk, punk-rock, hardcore or anything in between, but Paul Hammond refers to it simply as punk. Think of Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, mixed with ELP. Add more speed. Both bands will be doing a loop through Vancouver, then will be back in Calgary on July 16 at Weeds Cafe. This is great opportunity to cap up your stampede partying with a taste of east dance-punk, or simply punk. Check em out!


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