It’s Official

Crocs are a don’t.


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3 thoughts on “It’s Official”

  1. Ok!!! I need to comment on this…I understand the cr-aos of the crocs phenom, I struggle and this is why. I purchased my crocs (at the time (2004) were called Rebound) at a grocery store (A &P) for 9 bucks (what a steal and oh so comfortable). I wore these as my primary foot wear for over a year and a half, also being my favourite walking shoes as well. Then they wiffle walkers dissapeared from the face of this holey early for over a year and I was going through withdrawls because my old pair were worn down to the point where the soles become more like sponges (would be good if you just murdered someone and needed to clean up your bloody footprints…actually you wouldnt even have footprints!, Awesome!) Anywho… a friend of mine tipped me off they the company Reboud had rebranded as CROCS and A: had a website and B: were selling them at Roots, I was estatic. The best part was that they hade gouged the price more then how the shoes looked to 35 goddamn freekn dollars….So I bought them cause at a comfort stand-point (pun intended) they are worth their weight in foam. Now im coming to the end of my 2nd pair of Crocs and have recently seen the masses trotten around in them…yuck!!! I don’t really mind the Black pairs but the spectrum of ass colours is ass-like. I went up to a vacationing spot the other week called Grand Bend (big beach area and surf shops and stuff) let me tell you “HOLEY” CRAP, every man woman and child were sporting the speared sandals. To be honest it’s drivin(walking) me crazy!! I have recently been to the crocs website and they have a pair of crocs called the Professional and they dont have holes on the top (just the side) and they will be for sure my next purchase. The big problem is that they are so versitile and they are now appealing to kids because of the colours and to Blue Hairs because they are recyclable just like their bodies…no really because of how comfortable they are….Wow I had a lot to say about the topic….god bless (small g)
    shane and tom’s squeezebox

  2. This is what the “bootists” say:

    September 3, 2004 Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts
    Still here an luckily for us George Babcock came to join us for the last few days. After dinner tonight on the cliffs of Aquinnah, George bought Tina and me (and himself) Rebound Crocs. The most comfortable shoe I have ever worn! The whole shoe, in the form of a clog with a movable strap that can be flipped over to hug the heel is made of the springy stuff they put in running shoes. Light as a feather with holes pocked on the covering and pure joy for beach walking or summer cruising. Captain Hugh Taylor turned us on to them during a ride on his Menemsha bike ferry and George was magnanimous as ever during his visit. Cool Shoes.

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