The Windom Earle Podcast got a verbal nod on the Canadian Podcast Buffet. A little anti-climatic…kind of like hearing your name during the school announcements for coming in 13th at the National Grammar Rodeo.


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3 thoughts on “Plugcast”

  1. While it’s too bad your show got lumped in with the massive new shows batch we had over the summer, the shopping list of shows we had to announce meant we couldn’t go into as much detail as we would have wanted to – we even mention that in the show..

    The best way to use to community resources like Canadian Podcast Buffet is contact the hosts, send in promos or set up interviews to promote your show.

    We’re all about promoting Canadian Podcasts!

  2. Ha…don’t take it to mean I slag the work you are doing. I think it’s great. That was actually the first episode I tuned into. Plus with the quantity you guys got, nobody can really expect full fledged reviews.

    I am totally bugging my brother to do a promo for his podcast

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