I Saturate Your Face With The Mega-Dumb Reverb

Edan is in town. He will be playing at The Attic tonight…around 1 AM (technically Saturday, but you get the drift). There will be some other rapness, but I am mainly interested in catching this Boston-based Jewish-American alternative rapper live. Some might say it is a Sure Thing, but for some reason it is not (did get a photo though). I originally heard Edan via Skratch Bastid‘s first mix CD. The track was “Mic Manipulator” and it was an easy sell after hearing the piano. It took me over a year to get my hands on his latest called Beauty and the Beat…it was a test of will to not resort to file-sharing, but it eventually popped up on iTunes.

Rewind to 2002 for my Best Hip-Hop Albums of the Year. J-Live also came to town a couple times since then and Atmosphere is playing here in September.


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