Kitty Litter Product of the Week

Van Ness Sifting Enclosed Cat Panâ„¢ (CP66)

Since taking over the duties of cleaning the cat leavings in our apartment (damn you toxoplasmosis!), I have developed a love/hate relationship with this device. On one hand, it makes complete sense and leaves to scoop out of the equation. There are two “bottoms” that fit nicely together with a sifting tray that lets you seperate the solids from the litter with relative ease. On the other hand, when transferring the sifted “business” from the tray to a normal sized grocery bag, there is a great chance you are going to have bits and bobs drop out of the arse end of the device as the majority of the “duty” slides into the garbage. So, a sweep-up is a must. Not a big deal, because if you have multiple cats you are going to be sweeping litter and tumble-weed size clumbs of fur anyway in the region anyway, but I would probably sleep better knowing the disposal of waste was a little less shitty.


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One thought on “Kitty Litter Product of the Week”

  1. Now i know how cumz mommie not use dis tingie…

    it make big messies!!!

    but me wondurz…

    maybe u use a big pwastik trash baggie insted…

    da tingie mite fit n dehr and not make messie.

    kitty kat regardz,

    Katie Ann Kitty II

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