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originally uploaded by boost ventilator.

The rumours are true. Last week Rowan Morrison MacLeod entered our lives.

We were going to try and hold out on photos and compete with the Suri Cruise hype machine, but decided against it.


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Boost Ventilator

Creator and applier of words, pictures, and videos since logging onto CompuServe in 1993. Natural collaborator and BS detector.

One thought on “ITEOTWAWKI (AIFF)”

  1. Omgawd! Iain, she is *beautiful*. I can’t remember seeing a prettier baby. Congratulations to both of you! Let’s have some lunch when you have a minute, and I’ll tell you everything I know about infant cognition. Here’s a good one: infants at ~6 weeks old will imitate facial expressions, provided they are capable (ie. no smiling), and they tend to do it more robustly in response to tongue protrusions. So cute! :P

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