Halifax Pop Explosion Reviews | Exclaim
By Carsten Knox, Iain K. MacLeod, Johnston Farrow and Simon Outhit

Here are my contributions…didn’t get out to as many shows as I originally planned:

Die Brucke
Die Brucke turned the stage into an intersection of thundering drums, thick bass, eclectic chords and an unfurled rage that engaged the audience. The set was a stream of aggressive and succinct songs under a metallic sheen that evaporated far too soon. Although winded by the wave, there was a greater sense of being smacked by lips not fists, thanks to the energy and focus of full-time screamer and part-time dreamer Mark Black. As the mainstream embraces and co-opts hardcore, this band continues to demonstrate that it has found its Nietzsche.

Stolen Minks
Having the unenviable task of warming up a Tuesday night’s worth of revellers, the fun yet fierce Stolen Minks got the crowd to shout and twist along to giddy-up and go tunes like “Batman (You’re The Sex)” and “Boys On The Floor,” alongside borrowed ones from Link Wray (“Rip It Up”) and Roger Miller (“Chug-a-Lug”). The keyboards of Rachelle Goguen, the guitar of Stephanie Johns and the rollicking low-end rhythms of bassist Tiina Johns and drummer Erica Butler showcased the group’s undeniable and revolving rock ability.


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