Might Not Be A Classic Album

Windom Earle
(Boost Ventilator)

By Michael Edwards
October 05, 2006

If there was a concert to see which band in Halifax has the coolest name, Windom Earle would win hands down. Taking their moniker from the bad guy in cult TV show Twin Peaks, they’ve been making cool indie dance music under the leadership of Stephan MacLeod since the late ’90s. Their reputation has been built on their raucous live shows, but they’ve also been slowly building a solid CD library, most of which can be downloaded from their website. Goldwave, their fourth album, doesn’t quite manage to capture the energy of their live show, but comes close enough on occasion that anyone who has been lucky enough to see a concert won’t be completely disappointed. Combining equal parts the Go! Team, Shadowy Men On A Shadowy Planet and New Order, Windom Earle make music that makes you want to dance. The majority of the tracks are instrumentals, driven by a mix of synthesisers and guitars although the occasional glockenspiel and trumpets helps to fill out the sound — that’s the advantage of having 11 people on hand to help out. Goldwave might not be a classic album by any means, but it is a lot of fun and a good way to pass the time until the band pass through your town again.


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