So, I have been a little busy lately. Have you met my daughter Rowan Morrison MacLeod? She turns 7 weeks tomorrow and is growing like a bad weed. It has been great. Quite a change of pace. I am currently spending the week in PEI at my mothers place with the newly formed family unit.We are thinking of taking a photo of the new addition in an old potato sack because…

…it turns out my mom's first cousin and her husband just cashed a novelty over-sized cheque for about $10 000 000.  This is quite a shock to Christmas Island. I actually think it is wonderful news and it really couldn't happen to a nicer, more down to earth bunch BUT I have to confess I am worried about what sort of effect this will have on my chances of winning the $15 000 000 Super 7 draw this Friday. Oh well.

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