Alternate Names for the Penny Arcade “Comic”

  • B.C.P.H.P
  • Bazooka Joe 2.0
  • The Binary Loser
  • Dilbert Jr. (for Kids!)
  • Firmware Frank and E-rnest
  • Garfield Y2K
  • Hagar the Downloader
  • Hi and Lois Scores
  • Luann-ux
  • Marmaduke Nukem
  • Nancy On Rails
  • Nuclear Family Circus
  • Open Source Herman
  • Pixelated Ziggy
  • Robo Mary Worth vs Bionic Sally Forth
  • Published by

    Boost Ventilator

    Creator and applier of words, pictures, and videos since logging onto CompuServe in 1993. Natural collaborator and BS detector.

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