Christmas came early…

…on September 28th in the form of a little gal named Rowan Morrison MacLeod. Thanks for all the positive encouragement, support and patience over the past 12 weeks! We are finally getting full nights sleeps, so please ignore any incoherent ramblings you may have heard from us. Heck, ignore this…it's a friggin' form letter!

Anyway, here is a link to our Christmas Card. The image was taken from a recent photo shoot with Scott Munn:

Check out this site for some of Scott's other work:

If that isn't enough, here are hundreds of snapshots of Rowan's first few months:

…or a more detailed view of the same photos:

Plus here is a RSS feed of her photos for the nerds out there:

And yes, she has a GMail account, but I am not handing it out just yet.

Happy Holidays and all the best from the Lewis-MacLeod Family!

– Iain, Beth, Rowan, Sydney and Willie

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