Making a Scene

Scene it all: An overflowing month-by-month recap of 2006 in local music—Joel! Juno! Jagger!—as documented by Chris McCluskey | The Coast

Just for fun, I decided to amend this piece (feel free to add your own spin to The Coast site as well!):

Windom Earle has a Matt Pacman (Catholic Gaydar, Sharp Like Knives) on keyboards and and a Matt Mongraw (SS Cardiacs, the Jeff Coll Five and Juan Love) who plays drums with the band…but no Matt King.

To puff up this piece a little, here is a half a year’s worth of Windom Earle news that followed Doug Taylor’s review of the “A Series of Minor Personal Tragedies” compilation (“What is arguably the most exciting live act to surface recently in Halifax backs it up on record…Windom Earle gives techno such a wedgie, it might be more human”) that appear in the June 8th issue.

Began a cross-Canada tour with Sharp Like Knives and only ran out of gas once…launched Windom Earle Podcast to document various tour moments (episode 4 is one of the funniest things you will hear) and post live recordings of band in action…CD Review in Montreal Mirror proclaims Goldwave is made up of “motifs worked to perfection, grafting together surf, new wave, math rock and the aforementioned orch-pop element to excellent, energetic, harmonious effect” … the song “I Saw The Way You Looked At Me” featured as day 185 off CC:365 (website for Creative Commons music).

Played with LA’s Shiny Toy Guns at Stage Nine…appeared at Sappy Fest in Sackville, New Brunswick (so did Chad Van Gaalen, Shotgun & Jaybird, and the actual Eric’s Trip) …music featured in Andrew Bush directed short film (It’s called “Later Daze” and is on YouTube)… had a song played on worst CBC Show ever, Freestyle as well as the CBC Radio 3 station on Sirius Radio…Rolling Chowder Review rolled through the Maritimes with BA Johnson, Sailboats are White, and Cottonfoot.

Toured Maritimes with the Maynards and had pancakes at my mom’s in PEI…received a plug from Shane and Tom on their Squeezebox podcast…Goldwave named Eye Weekly’s Disc-overy of the Week in Toronto: “Not only worth seeking out; worth writing the band to beg them to tour this way”…song requested on the CBC Radio 3 podcast…and music featured in “Later That Stevening” (A Mark Palermo film) that premiered at the 26th Atlantic Film Festival.

Played live on-the-air at the Dalhousie Student Union Building for CKDU’s annual fundraiser and co-hosted a Locals-only Karaoke Party…reviewed in Exclaim: “a lot of fun”…Stephan had his 26th birthday (I think…I am a bad brother).

Songs played on CBC’s Brave New Waves, based in Montreal…accepted to play SXSW in Austin, Texas…songs licensed and set to appear on The Food Network’s Food Jammers in the new year.

Goldwave CD Release Party in Halifax (Stage Nine)…band profile in HFX (not sure who this is more embarrassing for…the band or The Coast???)…Goldwave named the number 1 album of the year according to Halifax’s CKDU…”Kittens vs. Pegasus” named the 14th Best Pop song of the year and the 31st best song overall by CBC Radio 3…band is scheduled to perform at the inaugural FasionEASTa event at the East Coast Music Awards, but you probably can’t afford a ticket.

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