On January 4th, filmmaker Helen Hill was shot to death and her husband Paul Gailiunas was injured in their New Orleans home (News: CBC | The Times-Picayune | WWLTV). They moved to Lousiana about 5 years ago, and while I did not spend much time with them, they were overwhelmingly respected and loved in Halifax and I have yet to hear a disparaging word about either of them. There is an ongoing thread on locals, full of shock and disbelief alongside stories and well wishes to the family. I really don’t know what to say about this. It seems to me to be the very definition of tragedy. Here is a review of Piggy (Paul’s band) I wrote in February of 2000:

Piggy, Don’t Stop The Calypso (Cinnamon Toast Records)

“The political arena leaves one no alternatives, one must be either a dunce or a rogue.” To append Emma Goldman’s comments, don’t forget you can also be a Piggy. Since 1994, this calypsonian collective have released a small avalanche of indie releases, some crazy cassettes and oh-so pleasing vinyl. Ideology aside, help wash your social problems away with these 11 new and 12 experienced songs of love and liberation. This little Piggy released a first rate par-tay in a jewel case from the countdown to “She’s Stepping Out” to the carnival worthy blend of sax, flute, accordion, clarinet, guitar, keyboards, bass, percussion, violin, infectious concoction of beats, etc. that is to follow. Your capitalist cohorts might even catch themselves singing “Money is King” like some lost verse from the backwards reality of “Opposite Machine.” The underage blues of “The Kids are Gonna Make it” will gear you up to the catchy mix of jangling guitar and rollicking percussion on “Gottingen Street.” “Swing and Turn” and “Dude Ranch” will have you kicking up your heels and you will picture yourself dancing with your sweetheart at a neighbourhood sock-hop to “Atheist.” “Two Buddies” features the distinctive voice of Mr. Al Tuck and would fit nicely on Sesame Street in a hip alternate universe. If there was an ECMA for Calypso Orchestra, there would be no second guessing my vote. “Don’t Stop The Calypso”…as if somebody possibly could?! –Iain K. MacLeod


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