Krazy Keywords Vol. 1

The last post got me thinking….what words bring people to this site? According to Google Analytics, here are some of the keywords that reel ’em in:

  • rappers from eskasoni
  • halifax dog snared dead
  • leaf jokes
  • how to dress for outdoors at 45 degrees
  • south west margaree post office
  • joey macintrye boys band
  • great white north ringtone
  • cows as a dowry
  • breastfeeding “boob tubes”
  • insane clown posse’s possum kids
  • who is jimmy kimmel dating
  • tillsonburg, Ontario
  • muskrat meat for sale
  • jellied salads
  • weebles wave file
  • “bob odenkirk” pens
  • dead or alive wedgie

Published by

Boost Ventilator

Creator and applier of words, pictures, and videos since logging onto CompuServe in 1993. Natural collaborator and BS detector.

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