Linda Joy Coordinator

Contract Position Available
Coordinator, Linda Joy Media Arts Society
May 1, 2007- April 30, 2008

The Linda Joy Media arts Society is a charitable organization established in memory of Linda Joy Busby. The Society’s main activity is an annual awards program for media artists.

The Coordinator is the only paid position, working closely with a volunteer board. The position requires an average of 15 hours a week, varying according to the organization’s business cycle. The coordinator works with individuals and organizations in all Atlantic provinces; the position is located in Halifax Nova Scotia. Total remuneration for the term is $12,000.

Responsibilities include:
Fundraising for awards and operating assistance
Developing media campaigns for awards and other activities
Assisting applicants
Convening and facilitating jury for peer review of application
Organizing special events: an annual awards presentation as well as
annual networking receptions, and occasional additional events
Administering the organization’s day to day operations: budget management,
cash flow, banking, bookkeeping, community relations, etc.
Updating website

Familiarity with the Atlantic Canadian media arts community
Must be computer literate in the Macintosh platform
Must be functional in MS Word and Excel
Proven administration skills
Proven financial management skills
Excellent written and spoken communication skills
Organized and self-motivated
Must have familiarity with updating simple websites

Please submit resume and cover letter to arrive no later than 5:00 pm, Thursday February 15, 2007.

Street address
222F-5600 Sackville St
CBC Radio Building
NS B3J 1L2

Mailing address
PO Box 2574
Station M
NS B3J 3N5


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