QotD: I Was The Sous Chef

Who taught you how to cook?
Submitted by Donna.

One of my problems is that I have low personal standards and I will eat practically anything. Long story short, I would hate to be in a position to inflict my cooking on others. I tend to stick towards deserts and recipes that are more like "assembling" food into new food things (like my mom). I have never felt that comfortable cooking and it really isn't on my passion list the way eating is. I do like cooking shows (Rowan may end up thinking the Take Home Chef is her real dad).

Plus, I live with one of the best cooks I know (that vote shouldn't be diminished because of my low standards…I still know sh!t from shinola). I am spoiled rotten and I know this. Of course, I am the dish washer and often have prune hands.

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