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Windom Earle is rumoured to be appearing on tonight’s CBC supper hour news…perhaps in tights with a Gibson Flying V. It’s probably a promo for the FashionEASTa event (wardrobe by dwsage).

The band is also scheduled to play an in-store at Sam the Record Man (Barrington Street) on Saturday, February 16th at 2:30 pm and is being featured at the best alternative to the actual ECMA award show ever.

PLUS time is ticking on The Coast’s Best of Music Readers’ Poll…here are possible ways to vote for Windom Earle:

  • band: Windom Earle
  • album of 2006: Goldwave
  • single of 2006: Kitten vs Pegasus
  • karaoke host: Stephan MacLeod
  • artist/band to get trashed to: Windom Earle
  • artist/band to dance to: Windom Earle
  • artist/band to be blown away by: Windom Earle
  • artist/band stage hijinks: Windom Earle
  • live show of 2006: Windom Earle
  • act most likely to make it big: Windom Earle

PLUS PLUS, vote Iain Gillis
for fan.


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