QotD: Worst. Job. Ever.

What was the worst job you ever had?
Submitted by salaryman.

Early in my career, I worked as a bag boy at a grocery store (Co-op) and a stock boy at a pharmacy (Pharmasave). To be quite honest, I miss the simplicity of those jobs. They weren't awesome by any stretch, but I didn't take any of the crap home with me. I learned valuable lessons about bagging groceries plus that I didn't want to be a pharmacist (glorified stock person).

Since my years in retail, I have worked with several arts organizations. While there is a certain level of fuzziness and freedom in this world, it is also prone to low wages and dewindling resources…regardless if they are profit or non-profit. On the plus side, you learn a ton of stuff from being in these environments because you have to find creative solutions on the spot.

Here is a somewhat random list of things I would consider for future employment:

  • one supervisor (no multi-managers)
  • project based
  • work less
  • get paid for overtime
  • clear responsibility
  • manage a small, focused load
  • no minute taking
  • no PCs (Macs only)
  • no organizing outdoor events (unless I want an ulcer)
  • no distribution or sales
  • no publishing (unless web-based)

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