Oh yeah

I didn’t really point it out earlier, but I just started writing for A Quiet Revolution. This is the mission statement:

The name comes from the Quiet Revolution (Révolution tranquille), a period of rapid change in Quebec, Canada in the 1960s.

The changes were the result of many important transformations within Quebec society, just as important changes within the music industry today are heralding a new music revolution based on the internet, the DIY spirit and digital means of distributing music.

While this site will cover significant music news/events that all musicians should be aware of, as well as marketing ideas for bands to consider, a significant portion of time will be dedicated to covering the local music scene.

Music coverage ideally will be:

  • Halifax > Nova Scotia > East Coast > Canada > Indie > Everything else

Rock Gardener Rob MacArthur and I met awhile back and ended up having a lot of the same ideas for a site such as this. Sure, a little baby got between us, but now I am ready to contribute. Feel free to say hi! to me.

Note: I promise this won’t get in the way of any of my poster posting, news noting or cat coverage.


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Boost Ventilator

Creator and applier of words, pictures, and videos since logging onto CompuServe in 1993. Natural collaborator and BS detector.

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