Somehow, I missed these two stories that came from the Kings Journalism program:

Local musician Stephen MacLeod, a member of the band Windom Earle, doesn’t think that fashion and music always go hand in hand.

“We never get dressed up for our shows,” says. “We just wear normal, everyday clothes. We’re probably the least fashion and image-conscious band around.”

But on Thursday, Feb. 15, MacLeod and his five bandmates will reject their anti-fashion stance. They’ll be performing their particular brand of indie dance music at FashionEASTa, wearing outfits designed especially for them by the best and the brightest young fashion design students from NSCAD University.

Granted, the ironic, kitschy designs that the members of Windom Earle will wear, which are reminiscent of superhero outfits, probably aren’t the latest trend on the catwalks of Milan. But that isn’t the point of FashionEASTa.

“It’s kind of fun getting dressed up like superheroes,” says band member Stephen MacLeod. “I think it might happen more than once after this.”

FashionEASTa to be spectacle of music and fashion | NovaNewsNet

The six-member indie dance band, Windom Earle, ran out onto the stage in spandex outfits with giant W’s emblazoned across their chests and launched into a high-spirited set. A guitarist, outfitted in skinny jeans and a headband, did high kicks across the stage while the lead singer yelled enthusiastically into his microphone.

The performance might have been more at home in a divey hipster bar than the upscale convention room, where a well-heeled, primarily middle-aged, corporate audience watched on.

But any doubts concerning the generation gap were put to ease when watching the reaction of a nearby table. A white-haired man sitting with a group of colleagues nodded his head to the music, clapping his hands in time as the guitarist jumped around the stage.

FashionEASTa lives up to hype | NovaNewsNet


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