The Worst vs The Best

Halifax Pop Explosion | The CBC’s Hour Blog
Witnessed by Jenn Good & Jess Watt

Windom Earle, or as I like to call it, possibly the worst band I’ve ever heard. A never ending interlude of repeated chords that never found a hook, or a chorus and never really ended until a much appreciated break for some Bon Jovi Karaoke in the middle of the set. Their big song beef chowmein, apparently a local favourite made me hungry and wishing I was eating that instead of listening to this. It was band camp gone wild up there; the sax player who was to his credit playing like it was life or death, almost took himself out with the sax and ended up air-guitaring… on his sax. That kinda sums it up really. Windom – Playing long and loud doesn’t make it sound any better, although bonus points for the cowbell.

I would never expect Windom Earle to be everyone’s cup of tea or exempt from criticism, but this review made me think I don’t understand what “a hook” is and that 3-4 minute sugar-coated pop instrumentals are still too “long” when you live in Toronto. So, for context, who could possibly be the best band?

as someone who loves, understands and constantly defends The Killers, who are one of the best bands of our time


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2 thoughts on “The Worst vs The Best”

  1. Sad! This is why I hate telling people about the music I like to listen to: I don’t want people to make me feel bad about the music I like, because I *like* it. I could probably make someone feel bad about listening to Radiohead or the Beatles if I really put my mind to it…. Musical preference is *subjective* (ie. if I like it, then it’s good).

  2. Ha…of course this is true. It is just that you are also not getting paid by the CBC to blog about it, which would open up a world of feedback. I just thought it was funny that someone could not like band because they didn’t hear a hook when that is likely band’s biggest criticism…only hooks. The other odd thing is a site like CBC Radio 3 never says anything negative about anything, so I found it odd to see such a negative thing on a regular CBC blog. I am so used to everything being polite, I would not expect such passion.

    I actually like negative publicity (this kind…not the MJ kind) and was really just making a joke about someone that works for a nationally televised show has a range of taste that starts with The Killers on top and ends with Windom Earle on the bottom. I actually like The Killers, but to state they are the best and Windom Earle are the worst makes me think they are missing out on some of the best (and worst) music that is around. And even if you put Windom Earle at the bottom, which is totally possible…especially if you hate hooks and karaoke and instrumental music…I just thought the justification was pretty weak.

    So, I have no problem with the opinion…I just thought the explanation was rather funny. Especially since they gave points for Bon Jovi karaoke and cowbell usage.

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