What Holiday is This?

Windom Earle has covered “What Child is This” for An Instrumental Christmas: The 2007 Zunior Holiday Album for $8.88. The album also features tracks by the Great Lakes Swimmers, Royal Wood, Mike O’neill, Nick Zubeck, The Dill, Ben Gunning, The Golden Seals, The Bicycles and The Centretown Boys Choir.

The Zunior label presents a brand new collection of instrumental songs perfect for the indie rock holiday season. Some of Canada’s finest independent artists have contributed holiday inspired tunes to this unique seasonal collection. The result is an album without words that flows seamlessly between covers of holiday classics along with several new original wintery numbers. Sounding great whether you are kicking back in front of a real log fire, or an ironic thrift store faker, An Instrumental Christmas is a festive album of songs for the season from the source for independent digital music in Canada – Zunior.com.

The entire retail price of this digital-only album will go to the Daily Bread Foodbank. Zunior has completed several projects in 2007 to support Daily Bread (including the Rheostatics Tribute record featuring The Weakerthans, Barenaked Ladies and Cuff The Duke) and we have donated over $5,000 in support of their work to feed the less fortunate. We’re proud to support this organization and we thank the bands for contributing their music.

Edmonton-based artist and illustrator, Trevor Waurechen, provided the cover artwork for the album. Trevor’s illustrations tell a cool wintery tale of hope and possibility. You can learn more about his work at http://www.waurechen.com.

Learn more about the Daily Bread Foodbank at http://www.dailybread.ca.


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