Black Toast Intolerance

Here is an excerpt from the latest edition of The Coast’s Scene & Heard column:

Windom Earle also have some special holiday plans. “We’re going to attempt a video set,” says Stephan MacLeod. “And I thought I would spruce it up with some Christmas videos. If that plan fails, I’ll just tape cotton balls to Nathan Pilon’s face.” A Windom Earle video set is always a treat, and MacLeod says he intends to make them more of a regular occurrence beyond this holiday show. “We want to incorporate more videos into the live set. I would love for the show to have that same sort of dynamic as Weird Al, Picnicface or Tim and Eric. I’ve been watching public access television clips on YouTube and feel like the amateur talent show aesthetic suits our approach to putting on a show,” says MacLeod. “We usually don’t know what will happen during a show and I will inevitably be singing bad karaoke, wearing a superhero suit, or both.”

Proving that MacLeod has more Christmas magic in his little finger than most folks I know combined, Windom Earle recently contributed a track to’s An Instrumental Christmas: The 2007 Zunior Holiday Album featuring classics and originals by some well-loved indie bands like Great Lakes Swimmers, Royal Wood, Mike O’Neill, Ben Gunning, The Bicycles and more. All proceeds from this digital-only album will go to the Daily Bread Food Bank. “I was pretty excited to try and do something like the Jingle Cats,” says MacLeod. “When I saw that Mike O’Neill, Great Lake Swimmers and The Bicycles were also going to be on it, I was just honoured to be a part of it.” Seeing as most Christmas carols give me a pain in my brain (except for “Good King Wenceslas”—that’s a banger), this sounds like the perfect remedy.


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