In Defense of Oprah

Ok, well not exactly. I have accidently caught a few episodes here and there, but I don’t think I will ever really be able to forgive her for The Secret. I just want to apply some credit-where-credit-is-due because quite a few blogs have jumped on The Flip’s success and I just think it becomes less surprising when you realize that Oprah championed it last fall.

Camcorder Brings Zen to the Shoot | New York Times

The Flip takes 13% of the camcorder market by doing less | 37 Signals

The Surprisingly Thoughtful Design of a Cheap Camcorder | Boing Boing Gadgets

Ultra-Basic Flip Video Camera Steals 13 Percent of Camcorder Market With Its Amazing Low-Light Performance? | Gizmodo

Unsurprisingly, Flip has 13% of Camcorder Mark | Mashable

Pogue on the Flip | Daring Fireball

Your suggestions for video hosts | Kung Fu Grippe

I tried to comment this fact on a couple blogs but none of my posts got approved. I should reiterate that I am not always a fan of the Oprah Effect. It has an ugly side as well. Take Josh Groban, for example. No really…take him.

As for my take on The Flip, I would love to test drive one but the video functions on my Canon Elph 750 and extremely simple and do the trick for me.


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