It’s Not Greek To Me

I tend to impervious to advertising in my life but some blogs are a-buzz with a controversial Greek BMW Premium Used Car ad that features a very young looking girl in a very sexually suggestive fashion. I must say the content is offensive to me (and the reason I am not re-posting the image), but what bothers me more is that this really looks like a fake made by someone with a pirated copy of Photoshop and a burning desire to work for a marketing company.

Taking this to the next logical level, which seems to escape most people, I thought I would ask BMW. This is what Corporate Communications at BMW Group Canada had to say:

The ad you were inquiring about is not an official approved BMW campaign. It originated from Greece, but has no approval from BMW Greece. BMW Group does not endorse the content of these advertisement drafts.

At the very worst I could see this being pitched to BMW I believe that this was not part of a real or viral campaign.


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