Ted Times Two

One of the world’s most innovative comedians, Zach Galifianakis, joined up with comedian AD Miles, record producer Jon Brion and Fiona Apple (yes, that Fiona Apple) to record the ultra-danceable track “Up In Them Guts”. We guarantee that it’ll soon to outpace “You Look Mahvelous” by Billy Crystal but will never touch anything by Joe Pesci.

The flip is by Teddy “Rockstar” Leo! Yes! Ted Leo went into the studio with his Pharmacists and recorded “Rock’n’Roll Dreams’ll Come Through” which is a song that was originally made popular on The Best Show on WFMU and featured on “New Hope For The Ape-Eared” CD by Tom Scharpling & Jon Wurster.

Both tracks are exclusive to this single. The first 500 are on picture disc!

The Zach Galifianakis/Ted Leo 7″ from Chunklet.

“PARANOIA: Never Enough” – written specifically for this event and this release. I wrote it on Thursday in Rhode Island, we recorded it on Friday in New Jersey. Hope you enjoy.

“Mourning in America” – it’s about race as a campaign issue. If it makes it onto our next LP, it will no longer be campaign season, but the frustrating irony is that in a few years time, it’ll probably be “timely” again.

“I Got Your Number” – it’s pretty explicitly about media manipulation of political thought, I think. I also think it’s about time Cock Sparrer got a reassessment and a bit of the respect they deserve in the Punk Pantheon.

“Nobody’s Driving” – apparently Amebix is getting back together. I applaud that. Hugely inspirational. Daryl K. introduced me to them way back when we were in Citizens Arrest. After repeated listens to the EP with just the previous three songs, I felt like it needed another. I spent the afternoon yesterday doing a more elaborate version of this – two guitars, two tin whistles, an air organ, backing vocals, etc. – but wasn’t really feeling it. I recorded over it by just playing and singing it live and alone – one guitar and one voice. Be forewarned – unless Touch and Go somehow manages to do some mastering to this before it gets posted, the first guitar chord comes in a little hot – if you’re listening in headphones, you might want to turn it down a notch when “I Got Your Number” ends.

Rapid Response Digital EP with 100% of the proceeds will be split evenly between Minneapolis Food Not Bombs and Democracy Now! organizations.


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