Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-08-09

  • Having lunch at some French restaurant outside Riviere De Loup. Oh wait, it’s a St-Hubert. #
  • I’m home after waking up in Montreal and should probably feel a lot worse than I actually do. #
  • "I will miss you…
    Welcome to visit the website!
    Best of luck!"
    #spam #
  • I ordered my first Mini Mac tonight; A regular McDonalds cheeseburger made with Big Mac fixins. #
  • My phone thinks I’m over an hours drive away from where I am. This is the living room I used to watch that creepy Circus show on a B&W TV. #
  • Just thinking green Froot Loops are made of broccoli won't make you any healthier. #
  • Now that e-mail money transfers have arrived at PC Financial, I’m thinking of a few Nigerian business people that are going to make me rich! #
  • Rowan has her sea-legs. #
  • Beef on, in, under, around and through a bun. #
  • You don't hear me cursing hoarders when I show up in the middle of nowhere without a toothbrush. I suppose it *could* have softer bristles. #
  • Today's beach-side menu: seafood chowder, hamburgers & beef tacos #
  • I'm at Iona Legion (4237 Hwy 223, Iona). #
  • OH: “Did you sniff or snort the E that ____ _______ gave you?” #
  • Attack of the Beaver Cove panda-cake #
  • “Mother & her young’uns wish you good eatin’!” #

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