Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-08-23

  • I found this "candy" at the Big Stop in Aulds Cove. #sacrilicious #
  • So, if Twifficiency isn't just "random numbers", @jamescun, how can you say you know how many tweets I actually read? You mean potentially? #
  • Still thinking about that poor Juggalo that ended up at @osheaga #
  • "[W]e like to celebrate that we are the dominant shopping centre for Cape Breton Island." #mayflower vs #brownskipants #
  • Twifficiency & It's Accidental 15 minutes of Fame: #
  • As someone that has popped his head into the store many times recently, I was totally being serious: /cc: @moderationtown #
  • Froot Loops Doubles: not twice as good as the original. #
  • So, @BBYCanada just tried to entice me into their Reward Zone by becoming a VIP at a 54•40 show. #
  • “What are Juggalos going to want with washed-up acts from the ’90s?” /via @The_AV_Club #
  • "Hi, have a nice day. Thanks for your time, our new flame cutting machine…will save you 80% cost in steel cutting work." #spam #
  • Synchronicitytransit: the rare occurrence of a bus and its schedule aligning with reality and your own personal schedule at the same time. #
  • RT @timheidecker Love this album #
  • RT @boostventilator: My fifteen character username and desire to hit a twoosh pretty much guarantees I won't be retweeted the old-timey way. #
  • Definitely the best exercise DVD I’ve ever owned: @TVCarnage presents Let’s Work It Out!!! #angiespowerloaf #
  • Operation: Drop Cloth has begun. Can't wait for Operation: Watch Paint Dry. #
  • PWWOA = 0.65 x PWWOR*

    *Where PWWOA is plastic wrap width in open air and PWWOR is plastic wrap width on the roll #

  • Rowan’s invisible grandparents Sasha & Bruce are allergic to pop and scallops but they’re eating that right now. #
  • “Camel milk has at least 3 times more vitamin C than a cow's & is considered an alternative for the lactose intolerant.” #
  • Today's WeatherDirect Forecast for Halifax: “ERROR” #
  • "These guys make money in both the good times AND the bad, no matter what market they are living in OR running their business in." #spam #
  • What kind of blanket do you bring to a parking lot picnic? I suppose I won't be worrying too much about ants. #
  • Ro’s first lucky charm #
  • The telethon is on right now RT @RollerTown: Number for Jokers is 902-421-JOKE #rollertown live at #
  • Uploaded @osheaga pics f/ @windomearle @_jenocide @JamesDReid @jeffcoll @richaucoin @xxofMontrealxx @DEVO @majorlazer etc #

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