#bigdaydowntown Part 2 – Try Something New: Electric Boogaloo

$100 Downtown Halifax RBC Visa #bigdaydowntown

It seems like yesterday I was running through Downtown Halifax with my daughter Rowan in hand (read about or watch our initial #bigdaydowntown adventure), flashing the $100 Visa to anyone who would swipe it. We had a great time blowing our budget in a 4-year-old approved fashion and were honoured to be asked back to participate.

This year the rules had changed. Downtown Halifax Business Commission’s Big Day Downtown 2 focused on getting people to try out new things. Since Rowan just started school and I just started a parental leave with Kenna, the newest addition to our family, I knew what had to be done.

Massive “Wired” Iced Mocha & Blueberry Oatmeal $8.65

The main goal was to spoil Kenna, but I’m not completely selfless. After an early morning wake-up and a lesisurely walk downtown from the Hydrostone, I needed a caffeinated boost to get me through the rest of the day. I decided to start our adventure at The Wired Monk (5147 Morris St) after reading many great comments about the place on twitter (I’m looking at you @bitdepth and @yelphalifax). I never realized it was a franchise coffee shop but it definitely doesn’t have a “chainy” feel. I quickly glanced at the menu and ordered a massive Iced Mocha along with a Blueberry Oatmeal muffin (pictured above). With tip and taxes, that came to $8.65 (pretty standard mark-up around these parts for a large specality drink and baked good). I should note that if you can’t find a seat, make sure you walk around to the back stairs and check out the lower level.

After powering-up, our first child-friendly purchase was a couple of finger puppets from Feroz Design Handcrafted Jewellery and Accessories (5112 Prince St). I went with the witch and ladybug, although I had nothing against the other critters available in the basket. Total cost: $9.18.

A Halifax A•B•C $14.40 with member discount #bigdaydowntown

We have been members of the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia for several years now (It’s worth joining just to access the Family Sundays and check out the annual Sobey Art Award nominees) but I never exit through the gift shop. The gift shop had several interesting things that jumped out at us, including a stuffed Pablo Picasso doll that was on clearance and tons of Maud Lewis paraphalia, but I went with the local board book A Halifax A•B•C (pictured above). It came to $14.40 with our 10% member discount.

I had another membership card that entitled me to a never-before-used discount, so we went up the road to The Discovery Centre and checked out the puzzles and science-related products in the shop. I picked up the Heart Warming™ Mini Microbe Box, a bizarre collection made up of a tiny stuffed Sperm Cell, Egg Cell, Kissing Disease, Penicillin, and an Amoeba (apparantly, a limited edition item). I didn’t see the Heart Burned™ Mini Microbe Box (featuring Herpes, Pox, HPV, Chlamydia and Penicillin) there, so I would assume that would be a special order. I also tossed in a ubiquitous Earth/Globe Stress Ball (sans logo) that I remember having when I was a kid. It came to $27.48 after our 15% member discount.

Rubber Duck $11.50 #bigdaydowntown

Biscuit General Store (1661 Argyle St) is a cutting edge and respected clothing store on Argyle Street. Extensive female fashions, stylish men’s clothing, Urban Outfitter-esque like oddities and a relatively new and carefully curated children’s section. I passed right by the full-sized rubber chicken and went with a pint-sized, Original Rubber Duck from Rich Frog (pictured above). It came to $11.50 and squeaks.

DeSerres (1546 Barrington St), formerly Loomis & Toles, is known as an art and craft supply store (and whatever need a Star Wars™ Moleskine® might fill), but there is also a creative toy section. I decided on the Melissa and Doug Fill and Spill Stuffed Toolbox instead of bringing home the Fill and Spill Pretty Purse to counter-balance all things Barbie and Disney Princess that make their way into our home. It was $17.19 (on sale) and compliments my girlfriend’s own tool belt.

Our final purchase was at Inkwell Modern Handmade Boutique & Letterpress Studio (1658 Market St), a showcase of printed paper goods, jewellery and other handmade art pieces from all around the world. I short-listed some prints involving small animals and kid-friendly typography, but decided on the locally screen printed image of a LEGO® person. It came to $21.28 and we ended up going $9.68 over our $100 budget.

#bigdaydowntown Finale

On the walk home, I got myself a completely tuckered-out toddler (pictured above). Value: Priceless.

Addendum: Big Browse Downtown

  • I had high hopes for Maritime Hobbies & Crafts (1521 Grafton St) but we weren’t in a train, rocket, model or kyte-flying mood. I was almost tempted by a copy of The Settlers of Catan, though.
  • I popped into The Dancing Beaver Gallery, but it was a little too folk-arty/touristy for our taste.
  • We breezed through Bishop’s Landing, Historic Properties and Scotia Square but didn’t end up finding much of anything new or noteworthy.
  • We looked around at Sugah! (1479 Lower Water St) and they have some great treats for those with a sweet tooth and also some neat shirts that combine sea creatures with candy.
  • We browsed the used bookstore Jade W (5233 Prince St), but I was a little overwhelmed and felt like I was an extra in an episode of Hoarders. They have a lot to choose from (second floor, left of the stairs), but you have to be in the mood to scavenge.
  • United Bookstore is a spot I regularly check for great, random finds. I ended up getting the Art and Making of Monster House for about $12 for Rowan. Of course, I shopped there previously so I would have to use the excuse that Kenna hadn’t shopped there before if we did buy anything.

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