#bigdaydowntown Part 3: This Needn’t Stop

In the bag(s)

The 2012 edition of Downtown Halifax Business Commission’s (DHBC) Big Day Downtown introduced a playful twist in order to facilitate (or force, for the agoraphobic at heart) bloggers to step-up the “social” in social media. Names were drawn at a reception at the wonderful Morris East and I was partnered with The Internet’s own Joel and Sylvia from the collaborative pop-culture-athon known as This Needs to Stop (Looking for a place to start? Try the Comprehensive Review of Fifty Shades of Grey). The idea of mashing-up writers was a lot easier to get behind than the thought of me spawning a third child to properly continue my series.

Was I about to awkwardly dive into a brave new world of fashion, food and drink? Or would I bore them tears with the latest advances in consumer electronics, web standards and must-have apps? Luckily we found a secure middle ground. I would bring Rowan, a 6-year-old proxy of the wants and desires of the youth of today and we would invest the $200 in an array of gifts for children in need this upcoming holiday season. We were guided by a few simple rules; toys had to be battery-free and, most importantly, be super fantastic.

I tried to get a midi version of Whitney Houston’s “Greatest Love Of All” to autoplay in order to elicit the proper amount of emotion, but you will just have to hum along in your head.


We met at The Uncommon Group’s Carbonstok (1235 Barrington St, +1(902)404-7288) in the self-proclaimed SoMo sector of downtown. The place is full of unique, unusual and clever gift ideas. Where else could I find a massive cardboard buffalo head for my dad last Christmas? Several moments passed being confounded by various wooden brain teasers from the Toymaker of Lunenburg. Not only was this a great start to a big day downtown, but October 20th marked Canada’s first Small Business Saturday. This meant no tax at Carbonstok, extending our financial reach a step further.

LEGO Friends

We strolled down to The Discovery Centre’s Discovery Shop (1593 Barrington St, +1(902)492-4422) and were treated to more accidental savings. Due to an update of exhibits at the Discovery Centre, all the Dinosaur toys were marked 50% off. There were a lot of choices to be made, leaning heavily towards experimental, observational and “some assembly required”. Rowan was blown-away by the effect of 3D glasses…even without having any corresponding 3D-ready images to look at.


Lizard Egg

Sea Monkeys

The last stop was DeSerres (1546 Barrington St, +1(902)425-5566), where Rowan spent some time testing out various markers and art supplies. The toys and children’s craft section is very impressive, covering a wide-range of tastes and skill levels.

Sparkle Bands

We approached our goal of $200 within a couple hours and with $1.75 to spare. 14 items were purchased in total, though many more were fondled, test-driven and left-behind for another day.

The last step takes place on Saturday, November 17, 2012 at 17th Annual Chronicle Herald Holiday Parade of Lights. The MacLeod-Lewis clan will be bundling up, as usual, as heading down to the event and eagerly handing over to the Empire Theatres Toy Drive. A new family tradition has been born!

The Goods

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